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take it easy 不要紧张 不要着急

don't worry 不要担心

don't mention it 别提了 没事

that is ok/all right 没问题 没事

don't be nervous 不要紧张


We all sympathize with you, but don't take on so;that won't help matters.


Don't give way to grief .


Don't carry your grief to excess.


(I'm) sorry to hear that.


You look sad today.


I feel so sad.


It must be tough for you.


I know how you feel.


It happens to everyone.


Don't cry.


Wipe your tears.


Cheer up!

















16、情执是苦恼的原因,放下情执,你才得到自在。(经典语句 www.vipyl.com)











1, although the things lost, even if it is precious and what to defend, after all, we are good, understand? This is called "stay in the mountains, not afraid of firewood." I hope this thing will not affect your mood any more.

2, almost everything is two sides, if only look on the negative side, the mood will naturally fall, depressed. Let yourself take a change of perspective and look on the positive side of the problem. That will make you go out of the mood.

3, quickly let yourself be happy and happy, as long as your psychological change, the body, the spirit will also change. Then you will get an upward force that will make you healthy and energetic!

4, do not regret, and do not have to be melancholy, all the nature.

5, I know your troubles, your mood may not be comfortable, do something you are interested in, forget your annoying things slowly, and let your pain and boredom gradually weaken and fade away. I believe your mood will become cheerful.

6, when you receive this message, but also received the grass and Clover I gave you, grass can make you forget the troubles, the lucky grass can bring you happiness and joy. Laugh at the heart, OK?

7, too good things are never suitable for experience, because once the experience can not be forgotten.

8, hurry up and let the mood get better. You can see that even today's sunshine is so beautiful and brilliant. All of you are trying to expel your worries and anxiety, and hope your dark mood will brighten up at this moment to welcome the beautiful tomorrow.

9, if one likes a person with him, there will be no tragedy in the world.

10, whether or not the green youth, meet you only on the way, but I do not know you are going away. Perhaps, too young love we all walk in the journey of growth, blind search for no direction, stumbling to the distance. A meeting is over as smoke light falling thin cool, a brilliant opening is open to the end of the.

11, I am also very sad. What can I do for you? If you need me, please call me, OK? I will accompany you, and you will have a reliable shoulder to cry on.

12, hate makes life paralyzed, love makes it reborn. Hate makes life a mess, love makes it harmonious. Hate makes life dark and love makes it shine. Friend, let our heart be filled with love forever.

13, though "forever" has only two short words, no one can fully express it in words. How far is "forever"? It will not dissipate with the end of life, and it will always be hidden in mind. Although the day will change, the man will be old, but the heart does not change.

14, the lovelorn volcano erupts in your life. You need to relax and relax in spirit. Actually, lovelorn is also no big deal. It can no longer be together. Of course, we must be proud of our decision.

15, people in the journey, who will inevitably encounter some unpleasant things, you should learn to adjust, have time to go walking in the hills field! Look at the vast endless sky; feel the bright clear mountain.

16, love is the cause of distress, put down the obsession, you get at ease. (classic statement www.vipyl.com)

17, want to tell you: friends will support you in the side, if you encounter a bad thing to look back, you will find throughout all my accompany you. Be happy!

18, every one of us can be beaten down, but no one can prevent us from getting up from the ground, dear friend, let's adjust our mindset and face the heart and the outside world positively, and regain the new life.

19, some people, such as not to, they can only leave; some things to be, we can only give up; some of the past, about happiness or pain, can only be buried in the bottom of the heart; some hope, about now or in the future, can only be forgotten.

20, when the yearning too much accumulation, deep as a burden, will make some distant memory in the mouth to float to the mouth, let a person can not help but want to listen again. Because no one can send it, so I can only borrow a pair of ears and say it to yourself

21, the gentle wind, blow open your tight eyebrows, let all the sorrow fly back. Please don't look back on the worries that do not belong to you. You should run ahead, because happiness is in front of you!

22, if you like to like a person very much, then, to keep a friend's distance is enough, so it can be a lifetime. Never expect to be close to it. Once a man has a greed, it is doomed to lose.

23, time will be the past, let the time flow of your troubles.

24, life is a hero of success or failure, so we must be a strong man. To some, it is not timid and overcautious. Soothing words

25, people in the journey, who will inevitably encounter some unpleasant things, you should learn to adjust, have time to go walking in the hills field! Look at the vast endless sky; feel the mountain clear and bright.


I am sorry to hear that you are not well recently.Please take good care of yourself,or I'd be so worried about you.Believe me,you will be well very soon as you are such a brave and adamancy man.I wish to know that you have recovered in the near future.


take it easy 放松,慢慢来的意思

don‘t rush it 别急

take a break 休息一下

don't be too harsh on yourself 不要太苛刻自己

don't be too hard on yourself (与上句同意)

you need a holiday 你需要个假期(在英语国家,当有人因为工作过于繁忙而显得焦虑时,朋友会说这句话,意思你需要休息一下,做一下调整)

Cheer up! things will work out for the best——高兴点儿!事情会有好结果的。

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